TheWisdomToothDoc™ Technique provides better results without opioids and helps save lives.

Did you see our latest news about opioids and our wisdom teeth removal treatment? “An estimated 321, 566 children lost a parent to drug overdose in the US from 2011 to 2021,” according to a recent, JAMA Psychiatry published report.

“The opioid epidemic is out of control, and addiction can start when teens have their wisdom teeth removed,” states Dr. James Babiuk, experienced oral surgeon and dental professor known as TheWisdomToothDoc™.

Dr. James Babiuk - wisdom teeth removal without opioids

Dr James Babiuk, TheWisdomToothDoc™

In fact, “teenagers and young adults who receive initial opioid prescriptions from their dentists or oral surgeons are at increased risk for opioid addiction in the following year, per Stanford University.”

“This is why I developed TheWisdomToothDoc™ Technique in 2017,” states Dr. Babiuk. “Now, there is no reason to use opioids when patients have their wisdom teeth removed, and they experience less pain, swelling, and stress, and they recover faster,” states Dr. Babiuk. “This technique has been proven via thousands of surgeries and can help stop opioid addition before it starts.”

By spreading the word about this wisdom teeth removal treatment, Dr. Babiuk hopes to have other medical professionals join him in the fight against opioid abuse and save thousands of lives.

Author of “What Every Parent of an Adolescent Needs to Know About Opioids,” one of the country’s best oral and maxillofacial surgeons and a Cook County Hospital instructor with over 25 years of expertise in private practice and anesthesia, Dr. Babiuk has removed over 234,737 teeth and counting. His offices in Joliet and Ottawa, Illinois use the safest techniques available based on a patient’s health history, state-of-art 3D scans, anatomy, and a pre-anesthetic evaluation and offer immediate access to an onsite pharmacy and the appropriate follow-up care.

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